Find joy by serving others

Read our blog by Lucy Aldrich, a volunteer from Norwich. Hear how she has combined her long term passion with her new-found career. Read more

Glory in the church

Read thoughts from Ed Walker about how we work in partnership with churches and why we have so much to be grateful for. Read more

Mubarak’s Story

Mubarak was one of our tenants – discover his story and how Hope Into Action: Black Country helped him. Read the blog here and find out how your church can get involved. Read more

It takes one to know one...

Read our Q&A with our property expert to find out how being a Christian helps him negotiate the best deal for our investors. Read more

How to open 5 new houses - insider info from Ipswich

This blog is written by Julia, Business Manager at Selig (Suffolk) Trust. Read her thoughts on their partnership with Hope into Action. Read more

Butterflies with damaged wings

Jenny Rayner is our longest serving Empowerment Worker at Hope into Action. Read here to learn about her experiences over the last 7 years. Read more

Thought Catalogue: Dust on my Sandals

A creative glimpse into the life of an empowerment worker at Hope into Action Read more

Thought Catalogue: Standing up to Modern Slavery

Most Commonly people are trafficked into forced labour in hospitality, agriculture, construction, beauty, fishing and sexual exploitation. Read more

Thought Catalogue: Brian's Story

The following article is a letter from Brian who lives at the Hope Into Action house that Beeston Methodist Church is supporting. Read more

Thought Catalogue: How to actually help

This Article gives insight into the kind of support vulnerable women really need from the Church. A special thank you to the women who have bravely shared their stories with us. Read more

Step Up and Share - an Investor's Story

Browsing through a magazine, Richard did not expect that he would be prompted to by a second home... Read more

The Church - a Refuge for those on the Edge

Please read this blog from an ex-tenant about her experience with the church Read more

Summer Socials - Nottingham

Here is one of our events that happened in Nottingham, have a read about the good work that is happening there. Read more

Summer Socials - Peterborough

Here is one of our events that happened in Peterborough, have a read about the good work that is happening there. Read more