Every church lovingly making a home for the homeless.

More simply: one home, per church, per community.


To mobilise, unite and unleash Christian prayer, investments, donations and relationships to fight the injustice of homelessness.

Theory of

The root cause of homelessness in almost all our tenants is a relational poverty.

If our tenants have a safe home and the security of positive relationships then they will find the confidence, motivation and hope for change.

We never manipulate or force our faith onto anyone but believe in a transforming relationship with a heavenly, loving Father.


Success to us is: church members, out of their pews, striving to love and tenants receiving and feeling loved.

We are as passionate about empowering churches as we are tenants. At least 50% of our mission is to churches.

and Impact

We use nine markers to gauge tenants’ outcomes and monitor our own theory of change. These are:

      1. Maintaining tenancy
      2. Abstaining from crime
      3. Committing to addiction recovery and reducing reliance on drugs or alcohol
      4. Improving or maintaining good physical & mental health
      5. Meaningful use of time, (volunteering, active citizenship or holistic wellbeing)
      6. Improving social relationships
      7. Engaging in employment, education or training
      8. Improving finances
      9. Spiritual engagement

These are vital elements of Hope Into Action’s holistic approach.

We embrace the individuality of every person and appreciate that success and goals look different to each tenant. These can never fully be captured in a statistic or ‘outcome.’