Skye has been a tenant in one of our line managed cities over the last couple of years and recently moved into independent private accommodation. Here, she shares her story in her own words. Thank you so much for your bravery in sharing this story Skye.

My childhood was not the best start for me.

I felt that throughout my childhood, I had to grow up too soon. My childhood was not the greatest and this impacted my future too. This resulted in me struggling in school, having behaviour issues where I could no longer attend mainstream school. I struggled a lot with school life and home life too, physically and mentally. I attended short stay schools and managed to sit my GCSEs which meant a lot to me as due to low self- esteem, I never thought I would finish school and have the chance to attend college.  

No matter how bad things were I knew there was a light at the end of the tunnel. I had to leave college due to a new medical condition that affected my daily lifestyle, and undergoing tests and hospital appointments at the age of 16 things got scary. Due to breakdowns in family relationships, I ended up homeless.

It was a frightening time. I had nowhere to call my own and it was scary I felt as if life wasn’t going anywhere. I then stayed in a hostel which gave me a bit of stability but I struggled in the environment  

I then found out about Hope into Action. I was so nervous and excited at the same time. I had a meeting with a wonderful person who I knew was going to help me and get me to the path I want to walk. I moved into this property and it was my new start and I knew this was my time.

I just knew that I could do it. My belief and my faith that everything was finally falling into place and all my hope fell all together!!

Each house is supported by a church and this provides friendship and care. People to just walk alongside and love and accept me. I made the decision to be baptised in September. It was brilliant but freezing! My family and friends came along to support me.  

Now 6/7 month on I feel so alive, so myself and I’m ready … I’m ready to be independent. I’m ready for my own life, my start and this is my turn and thanks to Hope into Action, I’m here; I’m finally here at the peak of life. The place I thought was impossible to be but I’ve made it and the view is stunning.

Believe in yourself for nobody can help you until you help yourself! Hope into Action has changed my life, changed my future and made me think and look for the best in life because it’s there and it’s possible, just keep believing!