We believe everyone has the right to a home and churches have the power to meet the tragedy of homelessness in their community.

We partner with churches to enable them to house and support the homeless.

We welcome people of all faiths and none, all ethnicities and sexualities.

About Hope into Action

Hope into Action is a registered charity founded in 2010 whose unique purpose is to enable churches to house the homeless. Find out about what we do here.



Become a Church Partner

We believe that by becoming a partner with Hope into Action, you are enabling your church to make a real difference in your community. We would love to help you make that happen.


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How to invest in a home

We are passionate about releasing investment to house the homeless. Investing in a home with us means that you can share your capital whilst enabling people to get back on their feet.




investment capital invested in homes for the homeless


of tenants improving their family relationships  


people receiving the love and support of the local church in their homes every night

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