Hope into Action’s Annual Conference

7th March 2024 | Kingsgate Church, Peterborough

Hope into Action empowers the church to house people affected by homelessness. Over the last 14 years we have seen countless examples of people whose lives have transformed through our partnership with local churches.

We believe in combining both professional excellence and spiritual passion. This means delivering high-quality support and being confident and upfront about our Christian commitments.

Our Annual Conference is for anyone who believes that the Christian faith can make a lasting difference to homelessness, addiction and poverty. It will inspire and equip you to empower transformation in your community.

It is for church leaders, community activists, investors, volunteers, housing and social care professionals and anyone who is interested in how the Christian faith changes lives.

Keynote speaker:

Natalie Williams - Chief Executive of Jubilee+, speaking on Empowered for Action

Natalie grew up in relative poverty in the seaside town of Hastings. She became a Christian at 15, which changed her life completely. She is the co-author of four books, including The Myth of the Undeserving Poor (2014), Invisible Divides (2022) and the forthcoming ‘Tis Mercy All: the power of mercy in a polarised world (coming June 2024). She is passionate about the church being a place of overflowing mercy for those trapped in poverty.

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Speakers include:

Natalie Williams

Sam Chaplin

Alex Gyasi

Sam Parfitt

Matt Parfitt

Corin Pilling

Kat Osborn

Philip Powell

Kate Doran-Smith

Jon Kuhrt

Seminars include:

  • Empowering Music: how singing can change peoples lives - Sam Chaplin, Choir with No Name
  • Empowering Jobs: how employment unlocks potential - Matt & Sam Parfitt, Grace Enterprises
  • Empowering Wellbeing: how the church can support people’s mental health - Corin Pilling, Sanctuary Ministries
  • Empowering Belonging: going beyond projects and creating places of mutuality and relationship - Kat Osborn, Safe Families
  • Empowered leadership: leading your church into social action – Pastor Alex Gyasi MBE, Highway of Holiness, London
  • Empowered theology: growing strong roots to sustain your social action - Philip Powell, theologian at Tearfund UK

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To get a flavour of a Hope into Action Annual Conference watch the video from last year's event:

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