Browsing through a magazine, Richard did not expect that he would be prompted to buy a second home...

...But an article, which focused on Hope into Action, had a sentence that gave him a whole new perspective on his savings

"Ed Walker was quoted as saying we're called to steward not just our giving but also our capital that we need for later years. As Christians for many years, my wife Lydia and I have been thoughtful and planned with our donations, but it had never struck us so forcefully to consider stewarding our capital in that way."

Richard and Lydia had tended to invest in financial markets but had resisted buying a second home or other property, put off by the upkeep and maintenance responsibilities. However, now Richard was intrigued by the idea of using their capital for a Christian purpose, so he picked up the phone and chatted it through.

"We ended up buying a whole house. The team was very helpful and the process was smooth. We've still never seen the house, but we pray for its tenants to be brought into community and we pray for the church."

Homelessness in the UK was not an issue that Richard and Lydia had been especially involved in, but they support overseas Christian organisations that offer holistic models of supporting people to get back on their feet. Knowing that a local church was there to offer pastoral support to tenants was inspiring.

"It's such a wonderful way to share the gospel" says Richard.

So have his fears of a second home ownership been borne out?

"Not so far! There was the usual paperwork up front, but I was pleased that Hope into Action recommended a solicitor who made the whole process simple. In addition, the team has taken from us the burden of initial refurbishment, health and safety and making it just right for the tenant as well as the on-going maintenance. We hear from them when the tenants change over so that we can pray for them."

Richard has nothing but positive things to say about the whole process.

"I'm happy to share my experience and I recommend it to my friends to consider it for themselves as it really is a great model."

This article was taken from our 2017-2018 Annual Review. Click here to see more amazing stories from those connected to Hope into Action.

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