Our investors come from all over the UK, and have one thing in common:

“They want their money to do something good” 

We believe that the untapped wealth of Christians in the UK has the potential to bring about enormous social transformation. In particular, the challenge of homelessness is tied to housing, which is a capital-intensive challenge. 

Investing with Hope into Action is NOT an investment option to maximise your income, but it does maximise the social impact you can have. The rental income from your property, as well as the increase in the property’s value, matched to the knowledge that you’re providing a home for someone in need, makes investing with us an incredibly rewarding experience. 

However much funds you have available, with an amount of £5,000 or more you can invest with Hope into Action, become a part-owner and help us provide a home for people experiencing homelessness. 

Here are three different models of investment that could work for you, depending on your circumstances. 

Multi-investor home 

The minimum amount you need to invest in a home is £5,000. We can connect you with other similar investors so that together you can purchase a house. You may have friends or family in similar positions, or your church congregation could join together to buy a house in your community. Our team can then help you with the legal paperwork, to identify a home and invest together. 

Perhaps you’ve saving your money for a retirement nest-egg, or to give to your children when they turn 18? When your initial five-year lease ends, you can take your money back and we’ll find another investor to take your place, or you can continue your investment for another 5 years. 

Single investor home 

If you have the financial capital to buy a whole house, we connect you with one of our locations who need investors. Many of our existing locations are looking to grow and open new homes for tenants on their waiting list, so you could be the answer to prayer they’ve been waiting for. 

Alternatively, you could speak to your own church about becoming a church partner and go on that journey with your own congregation.

Commercial or corporate investor 

We have multiple examples across the country of organisations investing in housing stock and leasing the houses to Hope into Action to house tenants. If you’re a grant-making body or trust, we’d love to explore investment with you as an alternative to making a grant. 

Want to find out more? Fill out our Ready to Invest? form to start your journey to investing with Hope into Action