Watch our new video as tenants, supporters, staff, investors and friends tell us what they think it means to be EMPOWERED.

Our goal is to empower our tenants to transform their lives, bringing about sustainable, long-term change. That's why we come alongside tenants with professional support through our Empowerment Workers, but crucially provide community and relationships through our Friendship and Support Volunteers.

On average, tenants stay in one of our houses for 18 months to 2 years, aiming to move on to independent accommodation once they feel more stable and secure. Our hope is that the support we offer tenants in their unique circumstances lasts much longer than the time they stay with us.

Homelessness can often come hand in hand with substance misuse, relationship breakdown, unemployment and other factors, so we offer holistic support to ensure tenants are able to thrive for the rest of their lives. You can read more about the change we see in our tenant's lives through our Annual Impact Report

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