“She’s an inspiration to me.”  

Sally talks about Hannah – the tenant she welcomed and mentored with her church. 

I’ve always been the Hope into Action volunteer with our church – but it hasn’t always been a bed of roses when new tenants come in. We get a huge amount of support from Hope into Action, which is really valuable, especially in situations where we feel outside of our comfort zone. 

The people we support come from totally different walks of life. When you meet someone like Sally and find out what she’s been through, you realise that they are often very strong people, and they can teach us a lot. 

The first time I met Sally was just after I’d been to the gym. Straight away she laughed at me – I wasn’t in my “Sunday Best” and looked a right state! I immediately knew that we’d get on. 

Sometimes I ask myself “Where does God want me to be?” I think my work with Hope into Action is a small part of where he wants me to be – but a very important one. Also I’ve realised that it’s just as much for my benefit as it is the people I support; it’s incredibly humbling to be a part of someone’s transformation. 

Seeing Hannah transform her life and make new friendships has been a real blessing; I feel as if I have been watching her settle into her new nest, and now I am really looking forward to seeing her flourish in the future, not just as her mentor but as her friend. 

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