This country is recovering from a pandemic, facing a cost-of-living crisis, layered onto a housing crisis, is heading into recession while cutting services with a new Government. Rents and mortgages are increasing, inflation soaring, and the cost-of-living crisis will last for at least 24 months. Already we are seeing anxiety rising, mental health deteriorating and referrals to homeless organisations like Hope into Action increasing.

The pandemic revealed that when the Government gave the homeless (over 11,000) dignified spaces such as a hotel room, the homeless engaged better with stronger outcomes. Yet, since the pandemic this provision has dropped away – revealing we, as a society, are happy to live with the scourge of homelessness on our streets. The homeless deserve better than the streets or crammed accommodation.

The church can stand apart. We can provide a home - all facets of a home - better than anyone else.  Churches have the social, financial, and spiritual power and the Biblical mandate (Isaiah 58:7; Luke 4:18-19).

50 Faith Filled Churches

And so, we are launching our biggest campaign yet, calling on a further 50 faith filled churches to partner with us in tackling the trauma of homelessness in 2023.

Over the past 12 twelve years Hope into Action have partnered with one hundred churches, opening over a hundred houses providing loving homes for hundreds of tenants who have been rough sleeping, sofa surfers, fleeing domestic violence, trafficking, leaving the sex trade, ex-prisoners, refugees and those seeking to overcome addictions.

The need is great and recognised by churches up and down the country who would love to do something practical to help the homeless rather than just provide sticking plasters for the trauma of homelessness. Churches like yours, who long to help the homeless but may be overwhelmed at the size of the challenge. And yet, if not the church, then who will help the homeless on the road to recovery?

If you would like to know how Hope into Action can help your church provide a way out of homelessness for the homeless in your area, we would love to hear from you. We are holding an introductory information evening on 19 January at 7pm online and would be delighted if you are able to join us, without any obligation.

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