Since we moved in, Hope [my daughter] has really blossomed. We live closer to her school now, which means we can walk there instead of having to catch four buses. Now that she has a proper place to do her homework, her reading and school work have really improved.
One day, I’d like my own place. I’m working with Hope Into Action to get ready for that. I’m at college studying for my NVQ3 in Community Volunteering and I now feel like I have a future worth working towards. I volunteer regularly with two toddler groups, which I really enjoy. My self-esteem has really grown and I’m much more confident – I’ve even started my own business, selling second hand school clothing.
My life is totally unrecognisable from what it was last year. I don’t even want to think about where I might have ended up if it hadn’t been for Hope Into Action. I’ll always be grateful for the new start they’ve given me.

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