This week we are celebrating our outcomes.  It can be difficult to explain the true impact of our churches’ work so we are grateful to Nigel from Hope into Action Mid-Sussex for introducing us to Kenny. 

Life gets pretty tough … living in a car. So bad at one point for Kenny that he did try to take his own life.  Our partner, The Kings’ Church in Burgess Hill, pulled together to make a home for Kenny to give him new hope.

We are celebrating that 88% of our tenants, tenants like Kenny, managed or improved their physical and mental health last year.

But this can only happen if other aspects of life are improving at the same time: debt management, staying free of crime or addiction and really importantly, improving relationships.

That is why we look at a number of outcomes that all need to work together to mean that tenants are empowered to maintain their tenancies and move on to live independently. 

106 people moved on last year – 76 moved on well.  We pray that, when he is ready, Kenny will be empowered to do so too.

 If you would like to support tenants like Kenny then please consider setting up a monthly gift to Hope into Action.