Scripture: Acts 2:44-47

Acts 2 is one of the more terrifying verses in the bible.
Do we have to do the same? Possibly. But have you ever
considered what the word ‘shared’ means? Sometimes we
get it muddled up with ‘giving something away’.

If a child is asked to share her sweets, she is actually giving some away. If, however, a child is asked to share her doll then she knows she will get the doll back but is allowing someone else the enjoyment of it for a while. That is sharing.

Imagine if we could share our wealth with the poor, with a sense of mutuality in our hearts, but get the wealth back in 5 years’ time? This is how Hope into Action works. Investors ‘share’ their wealth with the poor by investing or buying into a house. They sign a business lease, and in 5 years get the house back in the same condition. In the meantime they are providing a stable home for someone in need, with a church support network to help them work through whatever their personal challenges may be and set them free.

Have you ever considered how much wealth resides in your church? If there are 50 people in your church and each, on average, has £5000 in a savings account, then sitting latent in your church is £250,000 of investment capital. Multiply that by the number of churches in your city, the number of cities in your country and you have millions upon millions upon millions of Christian wealth stored up and gathering dust where rust and moth destroy. Just imagine what our mighty God could do if we shared even a fraction of that wealth with the poor and homeless. Or consider what other assets you and the people in your church and community have that currently aren’t being used that you could share with those around you. After the disciples had shared their wealth they went out ‘with great power.’ Jesus multiplied them many thousands of times over.

Hope into Action was begun by one couple who brought their savings to Jesus. He has multiplied that to over 100
homes with a further 20 in the pipeline. Are you up for sharing everything
you have?


• How often do you confuse sharing with giving away?
• What do you have, whether money or something else, that
you could bring to Jesus, share with the poorest and ask
God to multiply?
• Read Luke 12 - the Parable of the rich fool. What is a
modern day ‘barn?’ Savings account? ISA account? Stocks
and shares? What would Jesus say about western Christian
wealth in modern day ‘barns’?

Lord – what are you asking me to bring to you? I submit
everything to you. Show me what it means to share everything.

If you would like to share your wealth with the poor, then please get in touch.