Last Monday night the Nottingham team was blessed to witness a group of volunteers from a local church come and transform one of our properties gardens. Heart church in Nottingham were having a week where they wanted to bless the community and as part of that week asked if they could come and transform our ladies house that we operate in partnership with the Jericho Rd charity. A few weeks ago, several volunteers came to look at the property and then this Monday night around 20 people turned up to transform the front and back garden.

Our Empowerment work Sarah commented that the volunteers were amazing and very professional. They took an over grown garden in desperate need of attention and turned it into a small space of tranquilly for our tenants. They have dug over the overgrown lawn and flower bed and laid down a special weed proof material that they then covered in bark chippings.

They then provide some lovely pots and plants to add a splash of green to the garden. Some of the volunteers painted one of the fences that was in urgent need of painting and others assembled a table and chairs for the tenants. Outside the front of the property beautiful pots have been installed and lovely bamboo plants that brighten up the front area.

The 2 tenants themselves commented that they were overwhelmed by the amount of volunteers that turned up and amazed at what had been done. The following day they went straight outside, sat at their new table and chairs and enjoyed drinking a cup of tea in there lovely new garden whilst enjoying the sun. It has inspired the tenants to have a go at planting a few plants themselves in pots and will be so much easier for them to maintain and look after.

A big thank you from all the Nottingham team to Heart church Nottingham, The Jericho Rd project and all the wonderful volunteers that turned up to lend a hand.

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