Coronavirus is not stopping the Action in our Hope into Action communities. 

1. Hope into Action Portsmouth have just completed on a house purchase! A massive thank you to the Church who will be setting up this house with volunteer support for new tenants. The team is looking forward to the builders getting in and doing the renovations and then moving in tenants so they will be homeless no more.   

2. In Mid-Sussex, Friendship and Support group volunteers have continued to love one of their former tenants week in, week out.  Having moved out in December, into her own flatthe church is still very much in touch with her. She just sent a text to her church friend saying that during lockdown “…it’s been a funny time of reflection.  Those that are my family and friends have been mostly absent, but they have been there for me”. 

That’s exactly what Church should be.  Here. For our tenants.  When nobody else is. 

3. What is it like living with the threat of Coronavirus for those in recovery? We have two tenants who have continued in their commitment to recovery/sobriety by being active members of local AA and Change Grow Live (CGL) groups. One of them is enjoying twice-weekly AA meetings via Zoom since lockdown started! And the other has been engaging with her CGL key worker via phone meetings as face-to-face meetings are not currently possible. Many of our tenants are benefitting from technology and wifi funded by your recent donations. Thank you!

4. Our team is missing visiting this house as it is always a joySince lockdown, the church has delivered regular gifts of food hampers and the tenants have been enjoying the garden. It is a very sunny spot. They shared that being out in the garden has helped with their mental health. We are very grateful to our investors that almost of all of our homes have a garden. We are hearing too how our tenant families with children are loving their outdoor spaces and helping with the extra challenges that young family brings at this time. 

5. A new male tenant moved into one of our houses at the start of the year. He is currently on probation with a 2 year suspended sentence. From day one of move-in, he has shown a determination to seize this opportunity to turn his life around. He is proud of his new home environment and has devoted time to improving the gardenWe are so proud that this tenant is currently stepping us as aNHS volunteer! 

6. Another of our tenants has had a regular cleaning job at a supermarket for several years. He is continuing to work at present and surely counts as one of THE MOST key of our keyworkers! He has past rent debts that he is trying to pay off so he can move on into council accommodation. The church that supports him are very committed to supporting their tenants and are continuing to maintain phone contact throughout COVID-19. They have also gifted a meal delivery twice a week for this tenant who is so dedicated to his often undervalued role! 

Thank you Churches, thank you Tenants for putting your Hope into Action! 

If you would like to continue enabling our churches to support tenants please consider setting up a regular donation here.