Our chair of Trustees, Gavin Howard, shares thoughts on moving house and advice if you are considering housing those experiencing homeless as an area of ministry for your church.

Moving house recently jogged my memory as to what a massive upheaval it is to shift your life into new surroundings. It was a big reminder to me of the terrific work that our church friendship and support groups do to help tenants settle into their new homes.

I once delivered one of the last pieces of furniture to a local property which had been bought and set up to receive two women into the local church’s care. The sheer homeliness of this property was a wonderful thing to behold, down to the knitted bedspreads which adorned the comfy beds upstairs. On behalf of all the Hope into Action trustees, I’d like to express how immensely proud we are of the work our partner churches, franchisees and staff.

Their resolve, professionalism and spiritual passion has been a joy to behold. We see God’s hand guiding and supporting us through the pandemic, protecting our tenants, providing new partnership, more investments and opening new houses in existing and new towns alike.

Amidst all the uncertainties and challenges posed by Covid-19, we are secure in the knowledge that God is with us every step of the way. If your church has been supporting people in this way for years now, thank you. If you are wondering whether it is an area of ministry which your church could get involved with, I would ask you to pray and test any promptings which you might have received.

Come to see us and ask the Lord whether this is how you might serve in the future. I hope to meet you!

Gavin’s words introduce our latest Annual Review. It should be on your doormats next week if we have your address. Do update us if you would like to receive one. And it will be accompanied by a new Study Guide “Finding Jesus in the Poor”. Watch out for the next blog to get a taster or order your copy here now.