We are delighted to share dispatches from our local teams during the first couple of weeks of Corona-crisis to lift your spirits.

Our newest tenant

Our newest tenant, Holly, was born last Tuesday.  Although she “crashed” struggling with her breathing after an hour and was rushed to ICU, with prayer from us and our partner church and support to Mum, she is now out of hospital. The new family are doing well and baby is adorable! 

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One of our more senior volunteers is keen to support the Syrian refugee family housed by his church.  Not letting Coronavirus get the better of him, he mastered WhatsApp video technology and now sends the children a daily magic trick to entertain and amuse them.  Social distancing and language barriers - Kaboom!

Faith, hope and love abide

In January one of our churches moved a tenant into their house. He was just out of prison and had restrictions placed on him regarding his family (wife and three young children) due to pending issues. His wife had filed for divorce and he was unable to see the children. There had been a big family rupture whilst he was in prison, safeguarding issues within the home and he thought that life for him as a father and a husband were over. He was offered a job upon release and was working hard, and was very grateful for our home. 

He has a great, honest and open personality and metaphorically holds his hands up and says ‘I’m a sinner, I made mistakes, but I’m going to try harder now to do better!’ He is a devout Muslim. 

Since he has had the support of Hope into Action and our partner church, his life has turned around completely. His wife came to help him move in, and they invited us back to the family home to meet the children. It seemed as though, because of our belief in him, she began to have more hope and belief too. 

We have had many meetings with him at his house, surrounded by his family and the renewal in love and trust and the children’s joy is great to see. He had held on to his room with us, just in case even though he has been spending most of his time back with the family up until now. 

Now his employer has had to let him go because of Coronavirus.  Since he was paying his own rent, it was no longer feasible to keep it. But his wife has dropped the divorce petition! And he is back home redecorating his house with the help of his young children! 

We hope this lifts your spirits - for more stories from Hope into Action, do buy our book.