With your help and support this past twelve months have seen so many answers to prayer. We have been able to house and help more tenants than ever before and seen lives turned round. The times are challenging for us all. No sooner out of the covid pandemic (sort of) then war in Ukraine, the cost of living crisis, millions of people falling into food and energy poverty, a housing crisis, the list goes on – and yet ‘the light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it’ (John 1: 5).

And over the last year there are so many examples from our record number 352 tenants, across 100 homes, where the light of Jesus has shone brightly. 

Thank you for your support in enabling us and our church partners on this mission. We hope you will be encouraged by this year’s statistics and short video below.






Adults 256. Children 96

30% were refugees, mostly in families. 13 per cent of tenants considered themselves to have a disability

Maintaining tenancy


325 tenants, including children, from 352 remained in HIA properties or moved on well.

Abstaining from Crime


60 tenants had previously served a custodial sentence. Of those 90% did not reoffend. Of the 6 that did offend, we rehoused 4 and supported one through her sentence.

Reducing drug and alcohol intake


Out of 111 tenants who have (had) a relationship with drugs and alcohol, 89% have not become more dependent, have reduced their dependence or become sober.

Improved or maintained social relationships


140 tenants felt that they had improved their social relationships and 92 tenants felt that they had maintained positive relationships. An increase of 7% on the previous year.

Improved financial management


77% of tenants do not have rent arrears, while a further 6% are actively managing debt.

Physical and Mental Health


42% of incoming tenants indicated physical or mental health needs. 88% of these have improved or maintained these over the past year. 5 babies were born to tenants during this period.

Meaningful use of time


90 tenants in employment; 106 tenants in education, training or volunteering.

Engaging with faith and spirituality beyond that provided by F&S group


16% of tenants attended church at least once a month and 39% asked for or accepted prayer.

22% engage in some form of faith practice. This may include (for example) worshipping at a mosque.



When reflecting on the successes behind these statistics over the past year, Hope into Action Executive Director and Founder, Ed Walker said:

“I am absolutely delighted with these results It comes down to our churches love and commitment to providing the homeless with a home – all facets of a home – a place of safety, security, warmth, comfort and love. When tenants feel safe and loved they are more likely to make good choices as we see in these results. Our tenants are the real success – it is their strength of resolve in adversity which has made all the difference”.


Where societal cracks are increasingly apparent, our tenants, churches, prayer and financial supporters, donors, funders and each person who shares their wealth with the poor lets the light come in.

Thank you for supporting Hope into Action as we journey together to ‘provide the poor wanderer with shelter’ (Isaiah 58: 7). We look forward to continuing with old friends on that journey and welcoming new ones in the coming year.