Picture for a moment a young mother on the brink of making the hardest decision of her life… 

Suffering abuse from her partner. Unable to leave the house for fear of the unknown. No one and no where to go to. An emergency hostel, if she’s lucky. 

Or risk the streets alone…giving up her baby boy? 

But this Easter, Lisa is saying, 

“Thank you. Never did I expect a cosy home like this for me to start over again with my son.” 

After months of anxiety and fear, Lisa’s new home, furnished with love by our partner church, means fresh hope.  

Our supporters, together with our partner churches, make it possible. 


And for Jean, our church volunteer, this is the start of being witness to a journey of healing, as she and her church mirror what family can be to Lisa and her precious son. 

Emma felt too ashamed to speak to anyone about her addictions. She had not been in her Hope into Action home long before she relapsed. 

Thanks to the time and training provided by our wonderful supporters, Emma has now reached out to the lovely lady from the church”. She has felt God’s presence and she has heard about God’s love. 

Together we can continue to shine a light of hope for others like Lisa and Emma this Easter season. 

Donations today will help people like Lisa and Emma grow healthier relationships and give them the strength to survive further setbacks on their journeys out of homelessness. 

Together we can ensure that the vital people are in place to continue welcoming and loving people back to hope. Imagine the joy on Lisa’s face as she looked around her new home.  

Lockdown has left people feeling isolated and vulnerable. 1 in 7 fear homelessness because of COVID. We are not reaching everyone who needs help. 20 Hope into Action houses are due to open this year, but we could reach more people with your help. 

Donations will provide essential staff and volunteers to offer welcoming, well-equipped homes and the love and listening that people need to heal. 

We realise times may be hard for you too right now. If so, please don’t feel obliged to donate. Your prayers too, if you feel able, will give people comfort and new hope this Easter.  

Each prayer and every penny will count.  


Thank you 

God bless you and your loved ones this Easter. 

We have changed people’s names to protect their identity