Following England’s departure from the World Cup football is not coming home, yet again, but almost three hundred Hope into Action tenants are coming home – home for  Christmas in homes where they receive the love, friendship and support of a determined band of church volunteers who give their time, energy and commitment to helping each one on the road to recovery from homelessness.  

Every tenant is ably supported and encouraged by Hope into Action Empowerment Workers working alongside tenants, enabling them to make a valuable contribution to society and get back on their feet. People like Gary who after years being on the streets, battling addiction, told us: 

“When I thought my journey was at an end and that’s how I was going to end up, living on someone else’s sofa for the rest of my life, Hope into Action plucked me away from that and put me somewhere safe. Where I had given up hope, you know, I then had hope and hope had me.” 

Gary’s story 

After all the World Cup drama with England supporters and players apparently ‘heartbroken’ at the team’s exit. We were also disappointed that England lost last Saturday but spare a thought for the heartbreak of homelessness at Christmas. It’s heartbreaking that each year, in England and Wales, 2 to 3 people die homeless every day. It breaks our heart that there are people, like Gary, who are sofa surfing not knowing whether they have somewhere to stay this Christmas.  

Hope into Action serves the church and the homeless because we serve a Saviour, Jesus Christ, who was born homeless, in a stable in Bethlehem, and died homeless thirty-three years later. A saviour who understands homelessness, pain and heartache, who came to demonstrate love and compassion and to heal the brokenhearted.  

Football’s not coming home – but our tenants are. Thank you for your support throughout 2022 and making that a reality for all our tenants.  

If you want to help someone into a stable home (not the kind of stable Jesus experienced though) It’s not too late to have your donations doubled through the generous support of Aviva Crowdfunder.