We love it when we hear stories from our Hope into Action network.  Just days into 2020 and we have five stories of hope and encouragement to share with you from our work across the country. 

It’s a boy! 

We are giving thanks for a healthy baby born into the Hope into Action Peterborough family. This little boy joins his two sisters and his parents in one of our family homes, having been born in the ambulance on the way to hospital!  Mother and baby are both doing well and our partner church are looking forward to supporting the family in bringing up their son. 

Time for tea 

One of our Empowerment Workers in Norwich met with the Mum of one of our refugee families. She shared how in the holidays, three ladies from the Friendship and Support group took her out for afternoon tea. She said it was an amazing day with three beautiful ladies. We love this! Things are often done for the whole family or for the children but this was such a treat for this lady and it meant the absolute world.  

It’s so wonderful when the Friendship and Support group from the church really grasp what it means to draw alongside people and love them.  

Encourage one another 

And just last week an ex-tenant rang the office to speak to his Empowerment Worker to wish him a Happy New Year. He told us he had been with his family over the Christmas period and then proceeded to ask how we were at the office. There is a passage of scripture that says, “He sets the lonely in families….” so it has been encouraging to hear stories of family reunions over the Christmas period. 

Prayer power 

From Hope into Action, Andover “Last week our church (18 people) had a week of prayer and fasting for their work with the homeless; Hope into Action tenants and drop-ins. 

In the last 7 days we have received unsolicited gifts and donations to the value of somewhere between £1500 and £2000. We have been blown away by the generosity of people in our town! 

Turning corners 

After a tough few weeks with a difficult tenant in Coventry, Adele reports, “I hope he’s turned a corner.  Jo and I both felt that while praying he needs to feel loved.  We went in to have a tough conversation with him today, with the potential of eviction if things don’t change.  2 members of church were able to join us partway through and that made a massive difference.  We started the morning with him drunk and agitated and finished with him pouring alcohol away, saying we couldn’t ask for better people to come over and show him he matters, before going to a drug and alcohol agency to get help.” 

If you would like to be part of a day of sharing stories like these, then why not book on to our conference “Stories of Hope” on 20th March? 

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