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This featured article explains our new model of investing for you whilst sharing with the poor.


Just imagine how much money is saved by Christians in your area then think what might be possible with that wealth if it was undammed?

If we can successfully access this seam of money, held by Christians, ‘stored up in barns’ as Jesus described it, then we might be able to see the churches, once again, at the fore-front of social reform in the area of homelessness offering a more community based response to homelessness.

Hope into Action are trying to use investment capital more directly for purposes of church based social action and in so doing promote a new form of wealth management. We would love to see investment, currently pent up, flowing into homes for the homeless.

The Bible uses words like ‘give to’ but it also uses words like ‘share.’ The current money paradigm and culture in our churches is to give away 10 per cent of earnings to a good cause or the church and save or spend the rest elsewhere. Hope into Action are saying that for those who have savings or an investment portfolio why not ‘share’ your money with the poor by investing in a house?

Jesus told a parable about a man who stored his wealth in barns. He said to the person who did so, ‘You fool!’ Currently Christians and the church have billions of pounds stored up ‘in barns’ (ie banks, stocks, shares)’. Would Jesus think this wise? We want to encourage Christians to ‘share’ their money with the poor.
The parable of the talents immediately precedes the verses about ‘when I was hungry you fed me, in prison you visited me, etc.’ (Matthew 25). Jesus linked money and values. We are giving people a way they can do the same by saying: ‘as part of your investment portfolio please invest also in the poor’. This model fulfils so much of what Jesus spoke about money: people can fulfil the parable of the talents, serve the poor, build up the church, build up their riches in heaven, provide the poor wanderer with shelter and get away from storing money in barns all in one stroke.

When you put money into stocks and shares you are sharing your money with the wealthy – how many poor stock brokers do you know? In so doing you are enabling the rich to get richer. In part this leads to a greater stretch between rich and poor and a more divided society. By putting money into homes for the homeless the poor benefit from your wealth; it leads towards a more just society. Not only that but they feel that society cares for them. One tenant said: “Having lived in hostels run by the state for the last 8 years, I cannot believe that someone in my community would want to buy a house for me.” Another said to an investor, “You have done more for me than my parents ever did.”

We started 4 years ago with one house in partnership with Bretton Baptist Church in Peterborough. We now have 21 houses open in 7 cities and a further 4 in the pipeline. We have diverted over £2 million of investment capital to the poor. We have enabled rich Christians to wisely link their values with their money. Most recently we have opened a house where 12 people have invested £10,000, an exciting 21st century model of ‘sharing’ based on the apostles precedent as described in Acts 2 and 4. Most importantly for us, however, each house is in partnership with a church who provide pastoral support in partnership with our professional workers. In such a way we are able to provide a holistic, professional, long-term relational approach to the poorest in our cities and towns. As a result we are seeing people give up crime, come off drugs, get jobs and turn their lives around.

If you would like to know more about investing in a house, please call 01733 558301 or contact us by email using the button at the top of the page.