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Focus on Norwich

First manse used by Hope Into Action:

This year we opened our first house in Norwich in partnership with Norwich Central Baptist Church (NCBC). It is the first time a church has used an existing asset to provide a home to the vulnerable coming out of a drug rehabilitation centre (Hebron House). NCBC own a Baptist manse, which they were renting on the open market. Now they are still renting it out but to women coming out of a rehab centre. They still earn an income on the house that Hope into Action manages for them. 

This is a great way for a church to steward its resources wisely whilst also serving the poor. James East, the Minister at NCBC, said the following: “For a few years, Chapel House had being rented out privately, simply to provide funds for other Christian ministry. This was fine as far as it went, but our heart’s desire was to see it being used for Christian ministry. At the same time we were asking whether there was more we could do to support the great work of Hebron House. It became clear that God was leading us down a certain path - we had a resource that could be used in Christian ministry; Hebron had a vision for ‘move-on’ accommodation that required a property and Hope into Action had expertise to help make it all happen.”

The project has gone well and has so far housed three women who have come out of the Hebron House. Since opening the first house we have had 3 more churches and 3 investors come forward. These 3 houses will open in the latter part of 2013.