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The Story of 2011-2012

We started the year with one house and then opened a further seven houses.

The first house we opened was in partnership with Bretton Baptist Church, Peterborough and bought by a private investor. It was opened April 29th 2011.

Hope into Action has been brilliant for Bretton Baptist Church. It has taken social action from the realm of theory into the practical, achievable and sustainable; something that makes a difference! Supporting two houses has challenged our understanding of what the gospel is and kept our faith grounded in the local community, meeting local needs. David Whitlock - pastor, Bretton Baptist Church

The second house is a partnership with City Church, Peterborough, and bought by a private investor. It was opened on May 15th 2011.

Hope into Action gives me the opportunity to help two people who want another chance in life to improve themselves. The programme has been a real eye-opener and is very worthwhile. It constantly reminds you of God’s grace in dealing with all of us. I’ve also enjoyed the opportunity to work with friends in my Church and make new friends in other Churches. Ken Beeton - a volunteer who heads up the support group with The Salvation Army, Peterborough 

The third house we opened in partnership with Open Door Baptist Church, Peterborough, from a grant we received from Peterborough City Council. The grant was £44,000 and we obtained a mortgage to fund the balance of the purchase price. The house was an excellent purchase but needed renovation – much of which was done by the Church. It was opened on the 29th June 2011.

The fourth house we opened in partnership with Kingsgate Church, Peterborough. We purchased it with a grant of £34,000 from HMP Peterborough supplemented by a mortgage loan. Once again we got excellent value for money. This house was our first female house and it opened 15th September 2011.

Partnering with Hope into Action has given us a new way to engage with the homeless and those in need. Through offering practical support, as well as social visits and cups of tea we have been able to enter into meaningful relationships with the tenants in the homes which we hope we can continue to build on in the years to come. Pastor Dave Smith, Kingsgate Peterborough

The fifth house we opened in partnership with Emmanuel and St John, Peterborough. This was also a female house. It was opened in 15th November 2011. This house is owned by a Charity which has bought it using their capital reserves. 

The sixth house was opened in partnership with Cambridge Community Church (C3). This was our first house in Cambridge and also a female house. We opened “Hope House” on the 29th November 2011.

The seventh house was opened in partnership with the Salvation Army, Peterborough. We won a grant from the social investment business of £87,000. In order to realise the grant we had to complete by 31st March. We were unable to find a house for that sum and then, unexpectedly, we received a call from someone offering us £13,000. Within twenty four hours of that phone call we had found a suitable house which we have now purchased.

Here at City Church we so appreciate the work of Hope In Action. We have been able to house three of our homeless people who attend our Bretton Compassion Church congregation. Through our partnership we have witnessed the transformation of people’s lives that without the provision of a home would have been impossible. Graham Timpson - pastor, City Church, Peterborough.