Download a full copy of the first Hope into Action report here.

The Story of The First Year

In July 2010 a house was bought by a social investor who belonged to Bretton Baptist church. Two vulnerable adults were selected and placed in the house. The first (Client a) was an ex-heroin addict and the second an ex-offender (Client b). Both were in need of housing to re-habilitate their lives. Client a had been living in a hostel environment for 8 years. Client b was only granted release on the condition he had somewhere to live.

Over the course of the following 9 months both progressed significantly with the support of the local church:
a) Client a: has maintained his tenancy, has picked up casual labour (employed by members of the church), has developed a strong and supportive network (from people in the church) and volunteered at a number of local events. Most notably he has applied, been accepted and trained to be a Street Pastor.
b) Client b: has maintained his tenancy and probation, volunteered at numerous community and voluntary sector projects (such as the ‘one project’, a local YMCA gym). Client b has also been given work by people in the church. Most notably though, he has applied for the role of support worker for Hope into Action which he carries out on a voluntary basis.

As well as the first house, work has been done on the raising investment and purchasing further property:
Peterborough City Council and HMP Peterborough have both granted Hope into Action sufficient money to purchase a property. (One has been bought and the second is still being scoped).
Investors were found for a fourth, fifth and sixth house. See below a picture of 2 clients entering a new home after 6 months sleeping in a tent over the course of the winter. We are increasingly convinced that homeless people need a home.