We are delighted to announce that we’ve recently opened our 100th home in partnership with 96 churches across over 30 towns and cities in the country. We thank you for helping us reach this milestone. We are both proud of it and humbled to see churches lovingly making a home for the homeless in their communities.

If you weren’t there, we held a celebration at our Annual Conference (29th of March), a vision of 100 red balloons entered each representing an open home.  

We are grateful to so many people who have helped us reach this incredible milestone in 12 years: investors, prayers, churches, volunteers, staff, trustees, franchise-friends. We thank everyone of you for your invaluable contribution.

As the cost of living crisis hits and needs continue to increase, we have a further 30 homes in the pipeline. We remain committed to standing with those experiencing homelessness and encouraging churches to journey with them out of poverty.

Please enjoy this video we have put together to celebrate.


Founder Ed Walker says "We are delighted by this milestone, the result of so much hard work from so many committed staff, volunteers and churches. We continue to stand in solidarity with those experiencing the tragedy of homelessness and are steadfast in our passion to see churches everywhere, providing them with all facets of a home. We love seeing churches journeying with our tenants into a fuller life.”

At our recent conference it was a joy to have over 25 people, from a place of dignity, share their experience of defeating homelessness! As one ex-tenant said to me, now 4 years sober: ‘I need to be there to show people that what you do works!’”

The mission continues to be ‘To mobilise, unite and unleash prayer, investments, donations and relationships to fight the injustice of homelessness.’

We are looking to raise further investments and partner with more churches as aim to see 200 churches housing the homeless in the next few years!!!!

Quote from a former tenant:

“I came to Hope into Action broken and afraid, leaving domestic abuse and violence. But I left a much stronger women who was able to move forward in my life. Coming to Hope into Action changed my life.”

Thanks once again and join us in giving God the glory for all he has done!

If you are interested in being a part of the next 100 houses,

get in touch to talk us about how you can.

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