We have an amazing update:

2023 saw 20 new home made ready for tenants. This is more than we've ever opened in a calendar year!

This phenomenal achievement is thanks to so many; our investors and our church partners, our empowerment workers and volunteers, and those who have prayed so diligently and faithfully behind the scenes.

Thank you for your incredible support, faithful prayers and diligent work behind the scenes to make this happen. This year we'll be able to give more tenants secure homes they can call their own than ever before.

Jonathan Wilson, our Property and Investment Co-ordinator, works closely with investors across the UK to identify and purchase properties. He shares his reflections on this milestone year.

For me (naturally), I was most excited about opening the first house in my favourite city - Belfast (the first house outside England). A Methodist church(Balllynafeigh Methodist) had a heart for housing a refugee family in the most multi-cultural part of the city (South Belfast). They had already set up a community sponsorship scheme at the end of 2022, they had a range of expertise within the church and had already been in contact with the Home Office. They had tried to find a suitable rental property – but no letting agent would take them seriously.

Then, they heard about Hope into Action…. and within 12 months we had found an investor, helped them source a suitable house, bought it, refurbished it and in November 2023, they welcomed an Afghan family in. The family had never seen a toaster or microwave before. The church leader (Tanita)has a cousin who was involved in setting up the sponsorship scheme, but is not yet part of the church; by seeing real love and the church’s heart, she has changed her thinking about Christians/the church – she has been impressed.

Whatever the weakness or failings of the church; when people see real, genuine love and care with their own eyes, it changes things. God’s love changes things.

The Bible (James 2) says ‘Faith without works is dead’, so then the opposite is obvious – faith with works of love is very much alive. If you want to see a faith that is alive, pay a little visit to Ballynafeigh Methodist in SouthBelfast. The church would say it has blessed them as much as they have blessed their new Afghan tenants/friends.

Of course, there're much more to do and as we move into 2024 we're praying for God to continue to work powerfully as we work to provide more spaces for tenants across our existing and new locations.

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