It is a huge privilege to be writing this as the new Chief Executive of Hope into Action. I have worked in homelessness for 30 years and I have admired Hope into Action for a long time – many years before I ever thought I might work for them!

In 2019 I was working as a Government Adviser on rough sleeping and Ed invited me to lead a seminar at the Hope into Action conference. I was not sure what to expect, but the whole day deeply excited, energised and challenged me.

The two things which most struck me on that day are the same reasons why I was keen to join the team:

The first was the emphasis on empowering people to make the most of their skills and talents.  I loved hearing tenants share their stories, seeing them receive awards and their strengths and progress being celebrated.  Hope into Action’s focus on relationships and mutuality is so much more positive than viewing people simply as recipients of charity.

The second was the strong and confident Christian ethos which ran through the whole day.  I have been to countless homelessness conferences, but I have never seen the Christian faith so integrated as I did that day.  It is very common for faith to be marginalised or downplayed for fear of what people might think. But in Hope into Action’s I saw a faith in Jesus which was both vibrant, passionate and inclusive.

In my first few days in the job, I have been energised by meeting supporters and investors who are part of a movement rising up and getting behind our vision of churches housing people who have been homeless'.

This year we are seeking a further 50 faith-filled churches to partner with us in providing loving homes to the homeless across the country. Could your church be one?

So, whether you are a church leader, a social action volunteer, a social care professional, a potential investor or someone who just cares about homelessness, there is no better way to find out more about our work than to come to our conference. 

It would be great to see you there!

Jon Kuhrt