‘We didn’t expect such a warm welcome...you were ready to share with us our pain and our problems’

There are many harsh and judgemental views being expressed about refugees at the moment. But at Hope into Action it is our joy to work with churches to provide quality homes to refugees and help them in their escape from violence, danger and hardship.

Kristina and her family have come from the Ukraine and have lived in a Hope into Action house for a year:

‘The anniversary of our life in the UK is coming soon. Looking back, we remember well that we were so confused,upset, having lost our past and future. Our life was almost destroyed.

We didn't expect such a warm welcoming from all of you. You were ready to share with us our pain and problems. Every day the church and Hope into Action helped us to blend into life here and not feel like a stranger...We are very grateful to all of you!’

Just before Easter, we launched an appeal asking people to Rise Up to bring help and hope to people affected by homelessness. So far, we have raised £34,828. Thank you to everyone who has been so generous!

Our Easter Appeal ends on this Sunday which is Pentecost.

Pentecost is the moment when the Holy Spirit empowered the followers of Jesus to go into all the world with a message of healing and hope. In Acts 2, we see how international the early church was. It crossed national and ethnic divides and united people in their hope in Jesus.

Today the church’s love and compassion continues to extend beyond borders. At Hope into Action, we see this every day.

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For the next 3 days, there is still additional funding available waiting to be unlocked. Some generous friends of Hope into Action have agreed to match any new or increased regular gifts made now for a whole year until Easter 2024.

Your gift to Hope into Action is supporting God’s kingdom to grow, it allows us to connect with more churches, open more homes, and offer the kind of help we have to Kristina’s family.

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Every month until Easter 2024

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Thank you – we cannot do this work without you. We would love to welcome you into our family of Hope Givers in the next 3 days so that your donation can be doubled.