Thank you so much for all your prayers and encouraging messages. 

We are praying every day for you, our supporters, partner churches and tenants.  

“Lock-down” and now social distancing protect us but make life even harder for our tenants. 

  • In shared houses tensions run high
  • Fragile families are at risk of breakdown  
  • Services our tenants rely on are withdrawn or changed.
  • Access to benefits, always a struggle for our tenants, is even harder.   

It is all the more vital that our relational service is maintained with the inevitable loss of others. 

For many of our tenants, Hope into Action is all they have.

I want to reassure you that we are continuing to work flat out to maintain 24/7 contact with all our homes. 

Your support and encouragement are putting us in this strong position.  YOU are enabling us and our churches to put practical steps in place and continue to love every one of our 210 tenants. 

Thank you.  We could not do this without you. 

Our urgent challenge is that, even though we are all at risk, our tenants are the most vulnerable.  They start from a point of huge inequality. 

Our volunteers remain at risk.  We cannot deliver the same care and love without our wonderful church volunteers.  Many in high-risk groups themselves.

We are doing all we can to prevent any of our tenants from being a casualty of this crisis.   

This is not about a virus, this is about people urgently needing help.  Men, women and children, families are struggling and more will be homeless as a result of this crisis. New churches have shown a keen interest in partnering with us and we need to be able to step up to support them and train new volunteers and prepare to open new homes.

Together we have the means and freedom to act. 

What can you do? 

Take Action to support our work. 

We need to be as strong as possible at this critical moment as we find a new normal and prepare with our partners for the inevitable tsunami of housing need arising as a result of the pandemic.

Please pray for us and if you can, donate here now.   

I will donate   

Each prayer and every penny will count. 

Thank you. 

God bless you and your loved ones

Ed Walker 

Executive Director, Hope into Action