This winter solstice I plan to run from Peterborough to Nottingham to raise money for Hope into Action.


Shelter at least 271,000 people are homeless in England today*

It's a staggering figure.

Hope into Action is a charity that provides a safe, secure home and the opportunity for friendship and support to those in need, giving them the support and confidence to eventually move on to their accommodation and live independently.

We are not going to solve this problem overnight but with your help, we can change the lives of families and individuals one house at a time.

That's why on the longest night of the year I'm setting off from the Hope Into Action head office in Peterborough at sunset on the 22nd of December to run (and walk) solo back to Nottingham before the sun rises on Saturday 23rd of December.

It will be dark, cold, lonely, uncertain and a long journey (approximately 100km or 62 miles depending on how many wrong turns I take!).

But nothing compared to the dark times, difficult conditions, loneliness and uncertainty that we hear about from people who have experienced homelessness.

You can find out more about Hope into Action and the amazing work they do here:

Please consider sponsoring me today to help support the Nottingham team and the fantastic work they do.

Thank you


Phill Edmundson