“Working as a volunteer mentor for Hope into Action has been one of the most rewarding and challenging experiences of my life”


We’ve learnt a lot through supporting the houses; having the chance to really invest in a couple of people and do really quality work with them is incredibly beneficial. It’s enabled problems in their lives that we would have otherwise never have known about and helping them in their areas of deep need is what has helped grow deep trusting, loving relationships.

I think particularly with refugees, the system is complicated and It can feel tough to know how to help. We certainly couldn’t have done it without Hope into Action who have so much expertise, but in helping these two lads, understanding the problems they and in once case their family face, our team has also grown. In the other house, one of the team runs a football team and has seen one of the guys become involved in that, and that has been a real success story. It’s been such a simple way of bringing that person into the community and I think that’s been a good lesson for our church.

I think god has reminded us through the tenants that the person on the edge of society is made in the image of God; they possess all sorts of brilliant gifts that reflect their creator. Our hearts and attitudes have changed from realising that at a deeper level. We move from pity to respect.

One of the lads in particular is incredibly generous; there was an issue with his flatmates benefit, and despite being without money himself, he used his benefit to prepare food for them both for a number of weeks and he was happy to do it. He’s effortlessly generous and caring; he often shows off the characteristics of Jesus more than we do.

if you would like to mentor for your church let them know, or equally contact us if you think you church would be interested in partnering with us. 

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