We love it when people are creative and choose to fundraise for us.

People have done many things from Big Sleep outs, to runs, cycles, bake sales and even sky dives!

Recently the next generation have been taking up the challenge to raise money for the homeless. Here are two boys who decided they wanted to push themselves and both raised more money than their original target!



Why did you decide to run a half marathon for Hope into Action?

I have always wanted to run that distance, I thought it would be a great a challenge and just something, I wanted to do. I went to New Wine a couple of years ago with my Dad and Ed, I saw their stall, and I was really inspired by what they do. My cousins also did a sleep out which I thought was really really cool, and so I think Hope into Action is a great charity.

What was the hardest part?

Well before hand me and my dad set up a training programme to help with the run and a couple of week before I felt something in my right calf and that unnerved me because I couldn’t run for those couple of days so we had to change that. When it came to running on the day, not only was I thinking about the distance I had to run but also that I may pick up an injury doing it (which I didn’t thankfully) obviously during the run it was hard, it was probably around the 8th mile that I really started to struggle.

What was the best part?

I think the best part was the start and finish. In the village, there is a triathlon group and they were going out for a bike ride on the same day, but they organised it around my run, so I had lots of people cheering me on, which was really nice

What does the word ‘Hope’ mean?

If you hope for something you really want it to happen, So I think in this case, Hope into Action is really great that they're trying to get every single homeless person, not just 25, 30, but as many as possible into homes.



Why did you decide to cycle 30 miles for Hope into Action?

I saw other people doing cycles and sponsorship and I wanted to do the same

What was the hardest part?

Probably the start because it was really cold and the wind was pushing against our ears.

What was the best part? 

The last 7 miles

What does hope mean?

Hold On Pain Ends – I think you are praying for something, asking for something, hoping for something.

If you have been inspired by these two brilliant examples then why not have a go yourself and set up your own fundraising page here on this website or equally if you are a Facebook fan then go to our Facebook page and click 'Create a fundraiser'.

If you or your church would like to fundraise for us then do please get in touch.  We would love to support you in any way we can.