St Catherine’s Church is delighted to be a Hope into Action partner church. Supporting the vulnerable is an important part of our mission, especially now. We would love it if you would make it yours too. Please help us rise to our 10for10 challenge and donate to enable more churches like us to house the homeless in Norwich.

Will you sponsor our 10for10 actions? Just click on the big red splash above.

 1. At 10am on 10th October, Brian will be pushing himself in his wheelchair from his home to St Catherine's church.                                                   2. George will be doing 10 things to make people smile over 10 days.
 3. Gill will be a walking a mile a day for 10 days, taking a photo of each place she ends up.
 4. Kathy will be doing at least 10 mins of exercise for 10 days (with photographic evidence!)
 5. Pat will be cycling 10 miles over 10 days and will take photos of the sights.
 6. Ruth and Caril (and hopefully other willing volunteers) will do 1 hour of work to tidy up the church grounds for 10 days.
 7. Martin and Honey will run a mile a day for 10 days.
 8. Rach will swim 10 miles in 10 days.

All your donations will go straight to work helping the homeless in Norwich. Thank you!

Rach Hartley