laura cuthill

This year I have decided to give up alcohol for the WHOLE year.
For some of you this might not seem like a challenge but for me this does feel life changing. Nights out, book group, camping, holidays and even church events involve alcohol for me. My competitive nature means I have to be one of the last men standing which also means one of the last ones still drinking.

This year I am aiming to try and live through these events without alcohol. I don’t plan to avoid but to experience them stone cold sober!

So the question is WHY?
For years I have worked with individuals in recovery from all kinds of addiction. I have seen their resilience and struggles and admire them for it. In a world where we are surrounded by alcohol and social pressure to drink it is often a hard task to abstain.

We are planning to open a house for those in recovery later this year. I plan on giving the money I would usually spend on alcohol each month towards the upstart costs of this project.

I am inviting you to share the journey with me. See me through the holidays, nights out and even my brothers wedding in the summer. I will regularly post updates and keep you informed.

If you can PLEASE support me by donating a monthly amount to encourage me to keep going. It will cost me around £6000 to set the project up and cover initial running costs. This means I need to get 100 people to sponsor me £5 a month to cover the costs. Please click on the donate button above to donate and select regular donation. Thanks :)

Finally if you see me with a drink in my hand this year feel free to check its alcohol free!

laura cuthill