Morgan Hobbs

As you travel to work or go shopping you may have seen more people sleeping rough and on our streets recently. This week the BBC reported homelessness is up by 165% whilst Government funding has dropped by £5 billion since 2009.  

At Hope into Action we believe Churches have the power to meet much of this rising and tragic need and we are helping them to do so. 

If you think a home with long-term relational support (provided by a church) for the homeless is a good idea then please consider sponsoring me.  

So on Sunday I am running/walking 40-45 miles over the 15 highest peaks in Wales. I will be carrying my own food, water, trying to map read - and hoping to complete the run, with food stops, in 12 hours.  

If you want to know more about my route and the peaks click here.  

We are going to make sure this money goes to some of our most needy homes supporting people whose homelessness has been compounded by both emotional and physical struggles. 

I am not doing it alone but with one other person, Jez, a close friend who has done other such mad adventures.  

Thank You

Morgan Hobbs