We work closely with investors to see that properties purchased are both a reasonable price and suitable for the needs of our residents, in terms of size, location, proximity to churches, transport and other amenities etc. Ultimately we are trying to create 'homes', not just houses made of bricks and mortar. So the layout of a house, and the detail of refurbishment and furnishing, are all things we would talk about prior to purchase.

We recommend a full professional survey before purchasing.

Investors can be as involved as they wish in the purchase and refurbishment of a property. Most investors want to seriously consider the house themselves and after we have explained what we are looking for, go out and purchase accordingly. The specifics are discussed in detail nearer the time of purchase and occupation, but in summary, we want to reflect Christ's love for tenants through the quality of the house. If we give them clean, well-equipped and well decorated houses, they are more likely to respect and maintain the property.