We hope so! Hope into Action has been operating since 2010 is both a registered Charity and Company, financially transparent and operates under a committed Christian Board of Trustees which includes people with business and property skills. We also have an Advisory Board made up of people with a wide range of skills, and skilled paid Christian staff who together have many years of experience in Project Management and support for vulnerable people.
Hope into Action was also started in 2010 in Peterborough. Since then we have worked opened over 50 churches in supporting the residents of those houses.

What are the risks or drawbacks to investing in this project?
If you are looking for a significant financial return this project is not for you. We know that you can earn much more from a traditional buy-to-let property. However, we believe the 'Kingdom returns' far outweigh the monetary returns! We're looking for investors who are passionate about seeing the lives of the poor transformed by sharing their wealth.
Any investment bears some element of risk. House prices may fall (although we think this is unlikely over the long term), so the value of your investment could go down as well as up, and if the house was sold you could receive less than the amount you invested. Please note that we are not qualified to give financial advice, and the final decision about investment will always be your responsibility.
Whilst we screen tenants carefully and each tenant signs up to having support from our staff and mentoring from a local church, we will be renting your house to people who may have (had) chaotic lifestyles. In itself this presents a risk. Your house could be the one that gets burnt down! We hope that will never happen, and you will need to insure against such an event, but the risk exists.
You are tying you money up for at least 5 years. If you can't commit to investing for at least that long, this project is not for you.Because prospective tenants are carefully assessed by ourselves, there is a reduced likelihood of tenancy turnover or rental default, but these risks exist as with all tenanted properties. When Hope into Action and its partners have played their part, it is normal for tenants to move on in their lives, and new people take their place.