By donating to Hope into Action, you can change someone's life by giving them a safe, secure home and the opportunity of friendship and support from their local Hope into Action partner church community. Someone like Susan a former tenant - she spent her teenager years going between foster homes, hostels and detox centers and eventually ended up on the streets. After managing to complete 6 months of rehab, she had no where to go and was more vulnerable to relapse. Hope into Action took her in and gave her a house - after many difficulties and second chances, she finally got clean and back on track and this is because of your support!

" I am privileged, proud, and forever grateful to be connected to such a group of people; for them taking a chance on me and always holding onto hope even when I could not."

On any one night we can support over 191 people like Susan, but we can only do this with your donations.  

When you support Hope into Action you provide the stepping stone to help someone in need to stabilise and rebuild their life after homelessness. 

Your support provides an affordable and well-maintained home and one to one meetings for individuals and families so they can set and aim for financial, health, work and relationship goals. 

However you choose to support our work you are part of a growing community dedicated to enabling the church to house the homeless. 

Thank You