On 19th June 2022 I am undertaking a 112km trek (organised through Dream Challenges). The trek is over 5 days going from Munich to Oberammergau, culminating in the opportunity to see their 2022 Passion Play. This trek is a personal challenge for myself on my own bereavement and faith journey.

I realise that I am very fortunate that I am able to do this, and wish to use the opportunity to also raise funds for Hope into Action. This is an amazing charity which is very close to my heart. They are fulfilling a huge need within society - meeting people's basic needs for not only a roof over their heads, but providing love for that individual as well, through the church volunteers.

During my training for the trek, I have been beset by strained muscles over the last few months and currently have a very sore hip. I would value prayers and the added incentive of sponsorship to spur me on to be able to complete the trek. So please donate what you can, to help Hope into Action, and to help me complete the Challenge!

Debbie Sandom