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We have all felt the impact of COVID. But the measures taken to contain the virus, rising gas bills and the loss of universal credit will cut deepest for people like Lizzy:

“I prayed. I begged. I cried. Desperate for God to take away the addictions, to save me from the abuse, to give me somewhere to live. It didn’t matter how hard I prayed. I didn’t get a break.

“When life has smashed you to pieces and you’re at the bottom of the gutter just trying to survive one more hour. When I was there, I didn’t have enough left to put a load of action in. I needed help. I needed you to hold my hand.”

People are reaching crisis point with no social support. Women are trapped in abusive relationships. People are leaving care and prison with no one to go to. Refugees are arriving on our shores with nothing.

Knowing you have somebody to hold your hand

We want every church to be able to offer a home and a welcome to people like Lizzy.

As members of God’s family, we are called to go out to the needy and to serve them.

We know the difference that a safe home and the love and prayers of a church can make to someone like Lizzy. Someone with no one and no where to go.

Lizzy explains what a church working with Hope into Action looks like:

"A Church made up of people who genuinely love and care for people like me. A group of people who want to walk alongside some of the messiest people and love them in any way they can. People who will hold on to hope and faith."

Christmas Appeal

Your special gift this Christmas can help someone like Lizzy. You can help her have a safe home and to connect with a loving church because no one deserves to be homeless and alone.

We need your help to raise a total of £50,000 via the Big Give link, so it can be doubled to £100,000. Your £10 becomes £20 and £50 becomes £100 and so on.

Matching is available for a limited time only – 7 days from now, noon Tuesday 30 November.

One donation. Twice the impact.

Every penny will count. And please don’t forget that, if you’re eligible, your donation can be increased by 25% with Gift Aid.

You know best what you can do. Your precious gift can make the difference so a church can shine the light of Jesus’ love for those in despair.

If you are in a place to help financially with a special Christmas gift and / or with prayer, thank you.

I will donate 

If you are able to make a special donation online, thank you. If giving online is not an option for you but you would still like to give, then please email us here at [email protected]

Our resources are thin right now and we really do need your help.

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