Ed reflects on our tenants' outcomes in 2018:

I can remember well, almost exactly 8 years ago, opening our first home. We did it believing (hoping) that churches can do brilliant and genuinely holistic outreach.

As more and more churches join us, I am often asked if Hope into Action’s mission will become diluted. Well I am, once again, delighted and proud to be associated with our ‘outcomes’ from the last year:

Here are just 4 of them:

  • 93% of our 191 tenants maintained their tenancy (87% last year)
  • 90% of those who had previously served custodial sentence (40) abstained from crime (89% last year)
  • 70% improved their relationships with their family (82% last year)
  • 48% began training or volunteered (47% last year)

These figures strengthen our belief that people will make good life-choices when in a secure home surrounded by positive relationships. They also affirm that churches and prayer can do effective, holistic work.

Thanks to your support in the last year, whether it be prayer, investment, donations or volunteering, Hope into Action partner churches gave homes to a total of 191 vulnerable people: refugees, former sex-workers, those fleeing addiction, domestic violence and abuse or sleeping rough.

Behind the stats are so many stories. Perhaps I can bring just one to your attention:

Eleanor ended up on the streets after her partner suddenly died. Her health broke down and she lost her job. Her first night was in a car park. By the morning she had lost her teeth in an assault. She described sleeping rough as scary and dangerous, she felt ‘incredibly vulnerable, forgotten and invisible’.  In a recent radio interview she said: “Hope into Action don’t just give you a home and then forget about you. That is where the support starts, you get a mentor from the church who helps you and gets you back into normal life.”

After sharing these outcomes internally we reflected on Psalm 96 which prompted this post:

‘Ascribe to the Lord, the glory due his name’ and ‘declare his marvellous deeds among all peoples’.

We hope you also are encouraged.


Ed and everyone at Hope into Action