It is our 10 year anniversary as a charity! 

As well as this it is world homeless day on the 10.10.2020 - That's a lot of 10s! 

We wanted to use this as an opportunity to do some fun fundraising and maybe raise £10 or more for the homeless.

Do it on your own? or in a group? (socially distanced of course!) 

Are you up for it?

10 ideas for your 10for10:

  1. 10 push ups for 10 days
  2. Bake 10 cakes and give to 10 neighbours 
  3. Buy 10 books and give to 10 different people
  4. Run/walk/cycle 10K for 10 days 
  5. Do 10 tricks with your dog 
  6. Tell 10 jokes 
  7. 10 hours sponsored silence 
  8. Build a house using 10 different household items 
  9. Write letters to thank 10 people 
  10. Eat 10 ingredients of a foodbank parcel for 10 days.

Set up your own fundraising page here and get your family and friends to sponsor you and challenge 10 other people to do the same. 

During Coronavirus the homeless have been put in temporary accommodation - now this has ended there is a tsunami of need and we need you to help us to continue to house the homeless.